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Pompei Media is a premium ad network that focuses on contextual targeting and sky-scraping viewability across a range of top quality publisher placements. The special combination of these two factors achieves unbelievable results.

With our ad tech experience and state-of-the-art optimization technology, we offer you the most powerful and advanced digital advertising tools to share real-time results. Pompei’s ad network allows advertisers to reach out to audiences across the globe and enables publishers to generate maximum revenue by monetizing the potential web traffic.

With every impression, our diligent team of forward-thinkers establishes a meaningful connection to deliver a unique value to customers, publishers, and brands. We observe digital developments to ensure that our clients have what they need to stay on top of online advertising.

Our Mission

To provide our community with complete control and transparency across their advertising activities, while building one autonomous platform to improve budget efficiency for advertisers and yields for publishers .

Pompie Media has designed technology to establish a collaboration between humans and machines, thereby empowering self-sustaining business performance for its clients all over the world.


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We at Pompie share advertising expertise, market knowledge, and a disruptive passion that turns problems and questions into solutions and answers.

Jonathan Hunt
Hannah Torres
Richard Guzman
UI/UX Designer
Melissa Ortega

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